3 Top Free Software from EASEUS to Clone & Copy Your Hard Drive

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Maintenance of a computer must be one of the most annoying things. Do you notice the slow decline of your system's performance? Do you want to get brand new computer where everything is smooth and responds quickly to work on? But customization is really tedious. And maybe sometimes your hard drive where the system is located suffers from low space risk, especially for server users, or your hard drive decides to break unexpectedly.

For emergencies it's better for you to have free hard drive clone/copy software available. Here are the 3 best apps to clone or copy your hard drive provided by EASEUS for free.

EASEUS Disk Copy creates sector by sector clones of partitions and hard disks regardless of operating system, file system and partition scheme by creating a bootable CD. It's suitable for both the layman and the experienced user for it's very simple to use. It handles all types of internal and external drives, and will even work with dynamic disks. Disk Copy is free for everyone.

EASEUS Partition Master also has the feature of partition copy and disk copy. It allows you to clone/copy partition to unallocated space on the hard disk and hard RAID for data's security. During the process of partition copy, you can also resize partitions in order to fit the target partition. What's superior to Disk Copy is that EASEUS Partition Master can also support file-by-file copy as well as sector-by-sector copy - it will check the partition before you start copying partition and will choose a sector-to-sector copy automatically if there is something wrong in the file system.

EASEUS Todo Backup is professional disk clone/copy freeware. It is backup software that offers safe and sufficient disk clone to transfer all the data on the old disk to a new one and can backup your system in case of system failure. With EASEUS Todo Backup, you can choose sector-by-sector clone or file-by-file clone by yourself, which can certainly save a lot of time and energy. What's more, it provides a rich set of backup & recovery features such as universal restore, files & folders backup, advanced backup scheduler and incremental backup, to full protect your computers.

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