Back up Windows Server 2003 system state with Windows Server backup software

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One of the most important responsibilities is to ensure the continuation of their server computers and avoid any disaster that might invoke the breakdown or strike of the servers. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to fight against virus attack, unexpected power failure, system crash and so on.

One efficient way is to do system state backup which turns Windows system into an image and you can easily get your system up when there happens a system crashing down. This is why we often emphasize the importance of doing system state backup, which can greatly decrease the losses caused by system.

Therefore, the system state backup software should be professional, affordable and easy-handle one that costs little time to do the backups. EaseUS Todo Backup owns a server edition for Windows Server users to generally back up:system state backup, important data backup, disk/partition backup and disk clone, etc.

It provides one-click
system backup option to quickly finish the backup process and spare you a lot of time for other matters. And images of system state can be stored to external hard drive, tape devices, network and local disk. What's more, there is a built in WinPE bootable disk for disaster recovery. The bootable is extremely important to help you out and system can be quickly got up if your system has crashed.

Owing this Windows Server backup utility, not only data in server can be fully protected and the Server system state can also be backed up. In the entire process, it provides a clear and easy-understood wizard to guide you. Except Windows Server 2003 being supported, Windows Server 2008/2000 and non server operating system are supported. You can totally put your server to this backup utility and it won't let you down.

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edtition and selct "System backup".
2. Assign a destination for the system state image file and start the backup.

Here I would like to remind you first to make a WinPE bootable disk for EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edtition so that you can quickly restore the system state when your Server becomes unbootable.

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