Backup SQL Server 2005 with EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server

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Backup MS SQL 2005 with SQL Server backup software: EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server, you can perform full backup, differential backup, transaction log backup for your database.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server provides MS SQL backup and recovery to create backups for SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 database with a fast and easy way. The key benefits of using Handy Backup are:

Hot backup. The program allows you to back up your database without interrupting its work, which may be a barest necessity in a business realm.

Accurate MSSQL 2005 Backup. EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server allows you to back up not only database tables, but also all views, indexes, stored procedures and other data.

Automatic SQL backup. You only set backup schedule while creating a backup task to have your backups automated.

To save your SQL backups to disk or tape is the best way to have a fast SQL recovery when facing with system disaster. Free Download EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server and back up your MS SQL 2005 Server data immediately. Full-featured 15-days trial!

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