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Backup software for MS SQL 2008, 2005, 2000 receives a lot of attention from businesses of all sizes, as more and more companies migrate to newer versions of Microsoft software. Since MS SQL Server 2008 usually contains so much critical data, being able to perform hot backup and recovery of the database is of great importance, regardless of the field of activities.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server provides MS SQL backup and recovery to backup SQL Server 2008. See
backup tutorial to backup SQL Server database with EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server.

Create database backup with full backup,
differential backup, transaction log backup to save backup copies to disk or tape. SQL Server backup software can backup and restore database tables without stopping the running of database. Not only support SQL Server 2008 but also SQL Server 2005 and 2000.

How to backup SQL Server 2000?
How to backup SQL Server 2005?
How to backup SQL Server 2008?

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server is a flexible tool for MS SQL 2008 backup, MS SQL 2005 backup and MS SQL 2000. There are still some features that make backing up more effective and comfortable such as automatic database backup, you can set a schedule for your backup task, then the backup will be performed automatically daily, weekly, monthly. Continuous MS SQL 2008 backup that ensures protection for your SQL Server database all the time in business is critical feature.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server - one of the most full-featured and cheap backup tools in its class!
Free download to backup your SQL Server database.

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