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Microsoft releases SQL Server 2012 Edition which will be available in Enterprise, Business Intelligence, and Standard Editions. How to backup SQL Server to protect your database? This document is going to resolve the problem.

You want to back up your databases to preserve changes to your data on a steady basis. A well-planned backup strategy will help protect databases against loss of information by hardware and other type of failures.

SQL Server 2012 uses an online-backup method to permit for a database backup while the database is still online. During this backup, most of all operations are possible include INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements. Moreover if you try to start a backup process while a database file is being created or deleted, the backup operation waits until the create or delete process is finished or the backup times out.

SQL Server backup software: EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server can backup SQL Server with full backup, differential backup, transaction log backup, supports backup schedule to do automatic backup for database (daily, weekly, monthly).

Free download professional SQL Server backup software: EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server to backup SQL Server if you are running either SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 (R2).

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