Cloning Windows Server 2008 system disk with EASEUS Todo Backup Server

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Have you come across such problems as you have to reinstall the entire Windows Server 2008 system and any application on the disk when you want to transfer all the data on a hard disk to another? At this time, people always expect that some wonderful software can help them to clone Windows Server 2008 system disk. Good news from EASEUS: the brand-new clone/copy windows server software EASEUS Todo Backup Server can solve this problem perfectly.

EASEUS Todo Backup Server is professional and comprehensive server backup software for Windows Server 2008. As we all know, Windows Server 2008 although has many enhanced features, it still troubles us when we intend to upgrade hard disk or replace our hard disk. By using EASEUS Todo Backup Server, we do not worry about wasting much time to reinstall operating system and all applications when changing or upgrading hard disk.

Disk clone and partition clone are two wonderful functions of the EASEUS Todo Backup Server. With these two functions, you may create an exact copy of the entire hard disk or partition which includes operating system, applications and data, and exactly all files to another one without dangers. Thus, you can get the previous disk back easily when you come across the problems such as computer crashes or virus infection.

What’s more, the feature of universal restore will help you to solve this problem when your disk replacement is to dissimilar hardware.

EASEUS Todo Backup Server is not only limited to Windows Server 2008, it also works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 and Windows 7.

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