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The trusted and reliable software developer of all-in-one backup solutions, EaseUS, brings its customers EaseUS Todo Backup, which is characterized by simple and fast installation, minimal system requirements as well as easy-to-handle features. PC users with little expertise or IT-knowledge can run their backups automatically, effortlessly, and seamlessly and IT staffs can be considerably free from heavy daily workloads.

All too often the subject of proper backup procedure is neglected due to a heavy cost or lack of necessary IT resources. Information like documents, contacts, mails, music, photos and more seems so important that we can hardly stand to lose any of it. How do you get yourself out of this dilemma with all crucial data being well-protected? EaseUS entitles its users to get a feature-rich backup appliance to control all backup and restore processes with an extremely low cost compared to other backup solutions on the market.

EaseUS, renowned as a leading international provider of multiple software solutions for the Windows environment, protects desktops, laptops, workstations, and server machines with strong backup technology for locally attached storage and networks. It also allows you to store your backups anywhere you want and ensures the data security.

As a cost-effective, yet complete backup solution, EaseUS Todo Backup also is the preferred choice of SMBS and enterprises because the company brings simple backup strategy – easy to follow and implement. A fully customized configurations of backup strategies including full/full, full/differential or full/incremental with an advanced schedule can save a lot of time and effort, thus enterprises can whole-heartedly focus on their business instead of worrying about losing crucial information.

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