EASEUS Todo Backup 1.1 Easily Protects Windows 7 System and Data

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In information technology period, many personal computer users have the experience of system crash or data loss, for example, hardware conflict, bad ram, hard disk drives overload, viruses attack, software conflict, etc. If your system crashed and then you will realize that you really need a backup software after suffering the great pain to reinstall the operating system. Though Windows 7 provides many new features, but it cannot 100% protect your system and data security. So you need a backup software to backup Windows 7 system and data.

After googling “backup software”, you'll find that many backup software can backup either partitions or data to an image archive, no matter Windows built-in backup utility, commercial software or free backup software . Why you need to image backup Windows 7? The answer may be "convenient". After image backup Windows 7, you'll get one image archive, it is very convenient to save, transfer and restore, besides, you can compress the image archive to reduce the file size, encrypt the image archive with one password to protect all files. You can even mount the image archive as a virtual partition to read the files without restoring.

Is there a good free Windows 7 image backup software? Yes, EASEUS Todo Backup can backup your system partition or hard disk to an image archive and allows you to restore system partition or hard disk from an image archive after hardware conflict, bad ram, hard disk drives overload, viruses attack, software conflict, etc.

At the same time, EASEUS Todo Backup is useful to upgrade an old smaller hard disk to a new bigger hard disk to replace the source hard disk without reinstalling the operating system and applications once again.

Besides image backup and disk clone, this free backup has other useful features, for example, image compression , image splitting , backup priority , Linux and WinPE bootable disk , etc.

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