EASEUS Todo Backup 2.5: Not only update of features!

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Today a big update on EASEUS Todo Backup will be released - EASEUS Todo Backup 2.5. It's not only an update on functions but also versions. Apart from upgrading new features, another two new versions - professional and advanced workstation will be released to suit more specific user groups.

With the new features update in this version, you can have incremental disk/partition backup which will save much time and disk space. You can also backup network files to protect your important data on internet. In Windows Explorer, you can explore the image file and view the content, or restore it to the original location. It also allows you to choose specific files to restore if necessary. When you do backup, you can delete the image files automatically if you set days to preserve the backup image file. This feature is helpful when you do schedule backup, because image files out of date will be automatically deleted which will save backup time and disk space. In short, all features upgrade this time are mainly to improve the efficiency.

EASEUS has made improvements on some operation steps too. For example, you can get more detailed email on backup result when you finish your backup. Prompt message will inform you of the implementing of backup plan. Double click the icon lower right corner of the computer screen to stop the progress or check the details of the backup plan. When you upgrade the new version, you only need to restart once. Image encryption by copying special characters directly to set password is convenient. EASEUS make these changes, trying to give users better experience.

Besides advanced features, this upgrade brings two new versions - professional and advanced workstation. Along with previous versions, EASEUS Todo Backup offers totally six versions, catering to different needs from different user groups. And functions of each version have been classified clearer. Download trial version of EASEUS Todo Backup 2.5 free from EASEUS Todo Backup official website now.

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