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Totally free of charge and quality trusted, EASEUS Todo Backup is well regarded by its users since its release, and now it is given 5 stars in CNET Editors’ Rating and highly recommended by CNET editors, too.

Yes, EASEUS Todo Backup helps backup up your entire system state, partitions and full disks, restore it in case of a hard disk crash or accidents, and migrate your operating system or upgrade hard drive, etc. no doubt, it will help a lot to simple your daily backup for data protection, and just as what CNET editor says:

Good backup utilities that combine maximum user friendliness with excellent functionality and some helpful extras take the chore out of an essential duty. When all that comes for free, the excuse to blow off backups wears thin. Easeus Todo Backup is just such a free backup and restore utility, learn more…

And it supports almost all Windows system like Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7and server 2003/2008, if you now just want to upgrade to a new hard drive yet frustrated by tedious data transfer or expensive backup and clone software, why not free download EASEUS Todo Backup now, the highly recommended backup and clone software by CNET editors, it is fairly basic procedure, visit here for step by step instructions to upgrade hard disk. And you may choose to backup or clone to achieve it, certainly, clone old hard disk to the new one would be better.

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