EASEUS Todo Backup - Free backup utility outshines Windows 7's built-in disk imager

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Fully tested and blogged by editor from CNET, EASEUS Todo Backup obviously shows its advantages as free backup utility and outshines Windows 7's built-in disk imager, you know, it is far more than that.

Yes, although Windows itself is equipped with most common functions like backup and restore and truly brings more convenience for your work, however, more people are accustomed to use third party software to do their daily work now, because it is more powerful and easy to use.

Certainly, you may think those common features will also be improved with improvement of Windows, for example, new released Windows 7, it is true it brings more functions yet not so easy and comprehensive for most users, daily management of our computer or data is not as simple as a piece of cake, isn’t it? And one more powerful and comprehensive software counts to a certain extent.

When it comes to backup, back up data, system state, application, etc. would come to first in a matter of time and security. Free backup utility like EASEUS Todo Backup would be the preferable alternative to Windows built in disk imager. Just as CNET editor says: free Easeus Todo Backup from Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development, the third-party backup app came out on top in every category. Easeus Todo Backup is fast, easy to use, and reliable. The program even managed to fit on two DVDs the 88GB partition holding my Win7 installation. Windows 7's disk imager required four DVDs to back up the same partition, Read more…

Far more than backup and restore, you can use it to clone disk, transfer data when upgrade the disk, etc, learn more about EASEUS Todo Backup.

Simple your work, save your time and it is free, why not download this free backup software to have a try now?

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