EaseUS Launches New OEM program, providing Cost-Effective Rebranding Solution for Partners

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EaseUS Software, the innovative developer for providing cost effective solutions for storage management and data protection, today announces launch of new EaseUS Todo Backup OEM model to achieve partner satisfaction. In the new model, EaseUS lowers the setup fee to maximize partner's profits.

The EaseUS OEM program is designed for independent hardware and software partners interested in integrating EaseUS Todo Backup applications with their own products as a value-added solution. EaseUS new OEM model develops robust and flexible business partnership that suits partners' needs and gives OEM partners software and services to deliver the best technologies in the market to their customer.

EaseUS Todo Backup gives users unparalleled control over how you are backing up your most precious documents. It covers all the features including system backup, disaster recovery, disk/partition backup, file backup, SQL /Exchange Server backup, backup schedule, incremental/differential backup, recovering to dissimilar hardware and more.

EaseUS OEM Benefits Cover:
* Access to high-level EaseUS Todo Backup software package with inexpensive budget;
* Republish and branded products based on standard OEM editions;
* Customized solutions and product integration delivered to partners' specifications;
* Bundle with software or hardware to add extra value to stimulate customers' purchase desire;
* Multi-language Editions to explore in-depth local markets.

Get the detailed info here: http://www.todo-backup.com/oem/


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