EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 Avaialble for Beta Testing

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EaseUS Software, Storage management and data backup & disaster recovery solutions provider has announced that the EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 Beta is now available for testing. EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 brings brand-new interface and advanced new features such as MS Exchange 2010 backup and GPT backup & recovery. Join EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 Beta Testing and get special gift.

Be one of the first to enjoy the new features of EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0

EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0, a free and effective all-in-one backup solution with multiple features such as system and file backup, incremental backup, differential backup, Exchange/SQL database backup and recovery to secure PC and important files, such as system, pictures, music, videos, applications, personal and financial data.

Support GPT disk: backup GPT (GUID Partition Table) partitions or whole disk, or clone it to upgrade hard disk. 
Support MS Exchange Server 2010: backup and recover Exchange database (including 2003/2007/2010) under clustered environment.
Brand-new brief interface : creates backup tasks/plans more easily combined with intuitive interface, process of creating backup tasks is simplified greatly.
Remotely control multiple clients: remote control multiple PCs on one computer offering great convenience and saving time and energy. (Free download to have a try)

EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 can backup your system or specified files on both local computer and network to a safe place for system recovery in case of system crash virus, attack and hard drive failure, backup entire basic and dynamic disk/partition and volume for a system protection or migration. Other backup features like backup & recovery for SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 (R2), comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010 meet great demand of large enterprise users.

Moreover, Easeus Todo Backup 4.0 can support one-click comprehensive backup types - full backup, differential backup, incremental backup to save time and disk space. Set schedule for backups, creating backup plans by hour/day/week/month. Disk or partition clone helps clone basic partition and disk, dynamic volume to migrate data or upgrade disk, wipe data to wipe all sensitive or confidential files permanently to protect your privacy, USB or CD/DVD bootable disk with better compatibility after system failure.

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