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Windows 2003 has a Built-In Backup program called NTBackup which you can use to backup your Windows environment. When you had installed Exchange 2003 on this system, NTBackup is enhanced to allow backups of your Exchange Server databases.

For Server operating systems, Microsoft has replaced NTBackup with Windows Server Backup beginning with Windows Server 2008, which includes the new wbadmin command. This new backup application, wbadmin, no longer supports Exchange backup and tape drives, which means that users have to install third-party backup software to back up to tape on these new operating systems.

As a professional Server administrator, you need an absolutely easy backup program to have an easy restore of your Exchange Server 2003 database in case of any kind of disasters. The Built-in Windows 2003 NTBackup program is suitable only for small and medium sized Exchange organizations which don't want to afford a third-party backup program and it has some defects. That's why a lot of Server administrators choose to rely on third-party server backup software.

Cost-effective and reliable backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server works well with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, as well as Windows Server 2000/2003/2008. This backup software can rightly compensate for the weakness of NTBackup and Windows Server Backup, and backup Exchange Server 2003 in a safe and smooth way.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server offers an easy administration with an intuitive wizard-driven GUI. Backup and get Exchange Server back to work in minutes, saving time and minimizing downtime of Exchange Servers. Full backup, incremental and differential backup, and schedule backup are all supported by this software to provide you overall backup solutions for your Exchange Server.

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