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Got brand new computer and want to transfer the old system to it? To do entire re-installation as we all know it is time consuming and can cause a lot of pain sometimes, plus various kinds of applications will also be a problem. Especially this is the case when you transfer system to different computer.

Do you dream to have some tools to help you transfer system to different computer? I think the answer may be “yes”. Now I would like to recommend easy-to-use and reliable software, EASEUS Todo Backup, to solve your problem. With universal restore, EASEUS Todo Backup can restore workstations or servers to a computer with a different processor, different motherboard or a different mass storage device. It provides highly flexible disaster restore and system migration.

For most people, transfer system to different computer is not an easy job. The difficulty lies in that the hardware-dependent Microsoft Hardware Abstraction Layer drivers are embedded with the system’s image. Universal restore in EASEUS Todo Backup can help you to transfer system to different computer, such as instant recovery of a failed system on different hardware or transfer to a machine with different hardware. Universal restore prepares you for even the most unforeseen events when it is urgent to replace failed computer, yet you, unfortunately, fail to find an exact match for your former hardware specification.

With EASEUS Todo Backup, headache for many people may be solved in a few steps: select disk under Recovery module -- choose a backup task to restore -- fix the image file version -- choose system partition to restore -- tick Universal restore.

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