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Exchange Server 2010 is an e-mail and calendaring application that runs on Windows Server 2008 and, like its predecessor Exchange Server 2007, can also integrate with your phone system. It is the seventh major version of the product and, although not revolutionary, it does include some important changes and lots of small improvements over Exchange Server 2007.

The scalability of Exchange Server 2010 has improved, especially when compared to the complex storage requirements of Exchange Server 2007.

The user experience has also improved in Outlook Web App, and a lot of complex issues have seen solved or the complexity has been removed, to make the administrator's life much easier. No matter how far it goes and how many improvements Exchange 2010 has made. One thing that won't change is Exchange 2010 backup for data protection.

Exchange servers backup and recovery are no less critical than any other part of the business, because so much of businesses these days runs through email. Email is the most important communication tool in most businesses; the home of their most critical documents and records. In short, as an Exchange Server administrator you need to make sure your servers are being backed up correctly.

One amazing feature of Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is the built-in backup software - Windows Backup Server, which lets users perform healthy backups of Microsoft Exchange databases for free. For usual Exchange 2010 databases backup, you can just rely on this freeware with no need for any 3rd party backup tool. This backup freeware enables you to do Exchange Server 2010 incremental backup as well as differential backup. What's more, online backup, offline backup as well as offsite backup can also be realized by Windows Server Backup built-in Windows Server 2008.

To backup Exchange 2010 data, just start Windows Server Backup and follow the wizard to finish important data backup.

Backup solution provided by EaseUS Todo Backup. The Advanced Server Edition of EaseUS Todo Backup can do Exchange Server 2010/2007/2003 database backup with professional and leading backup technology. Ease-to-understood UI makes backup job a piece of cake. Besides, SQL Server backup as well Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 backup are all supported. Equipped with this backup tool, there is no need to worry about the database in your Exchange Server. Compared with above-mentioned built-in backup software, the solution provided by EaseUS is much easier and easy-to-handle. Any tech problem or doubt can be quickly solved by EaseUS tech team.

Free download EaseUS Todo Backup to have a try.

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