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Most computer users may backup your hard drive in case of hard drive crash, system unbootable, partition lost etc. They have learned the importance of data backup. It is better to be prepared. Here, Easy to use and free hard drive backup software – EASEUS Todo Backup is recommended to protect your data.

Why EASEUS Todo Backup? People often backup their data by copying the whole drive or backing up files to image and storing them to other safe places, say, CD or DVD.  As a free backup software, EASEUS Todo Backup enables you to backup your hard drive disk in the both method to save cashes and also backup your hard drive and keep your data safe. You can choose to backup your hard drive to image and save to CD/DVD or any other safe place or clone the entire hard drive to another drive to take the data with you. The following will introduce you how to backup your hard drive to image.

1. To backup your hard drive, please click "Backup" in the main window, or select "Operation" -> " Backup" from the menu bar, tool bar or action panel to start "Backup Wizard".

 Launch the Free Backup Software

2. EASEUS Todo Backup will scan and list all the existing partition(s) and disk(s) information in this step.  Select the disk you need to backup.

Sector-by-sector backup Option

You may notice that there is an option of "Create image sector by sector" at the bottom. Sector-by-sector backup can be chosen if necessary. If you choose it, it means you prefer to backup all sectors to the image file even though there is no data on the source partition or disk.


Sector-by-sector backup will be operated automatically when there is bad sector on the source partition or unused space is less than 2%. Image backup file created sector-by-sector will produce large imaged file.

3. Select backup image location to save the image and input the name for the image.  Please save the backup archive file to different partition or hard drive, especially the removable hard drive. If you save the file on to the original place, you cannot restore the image when this original partition is corrupted.

4. Choose backup options. Here are two options: "Use Default options" and "Set the option manually".

a. Use Default options:

If you choose "Use default options" during this step, the backup image will be produced according to you previous set state.

b. Set the option manually:

If you select "Set the option manually", you can set the Priority, Compress Level, Image protection and Image Splitting options. (This option also can be changed previously in Tool > Option)

1. In menu “Tool” > “Option”, you can change "Temporary File Path" besides the settings above.
2. If the temporary file path is the partition that you want to backup, sector-by-sector backup cannot be achieved until the path is changed to another partition in "Option" menu.

5. Add some comments to the backup image which will help you to find the image file faster.

6. This window displays the list of operations which will be performed. Click "Proceed" to start the backup creation task. The task progress will be shown in the special window. You can stop the procedure by clicking "Cancel" or use the "Back" buttons to change the task.

7. The process bars of current operation progress and total progress will be listed. After all the operations finished, there will be a pop-up window with the result notification.

After the following steps, you hard drive will be successfully backed up. Why now download the free backup software to ensure the security of your data now?

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