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Backup and recovery (including for Exchange Server 2010 backup) is one of the least interesting topics in IT. I’ve never met anyone who got into IT to become a backup and recovery expert. Exchange 2010 has its own backup and recovery concepts that Exchange Server administrators need to understand. VSS (Volume Shadow-copy Service) which only supported in Exchange Server 2010; Active/Passive Databases, A DAG (Database Availability Groups) consists of multiple database copies across 2-16 Mailbox servers, only one copy of each database is “active” at any one time, the remainders are considered “passive”; others such as Recovery Databases Database Portability, Dial Tone Portability, Log Truncation, Circular Logging.

Fortunately, expert backup software is emerging in endlessly. New DBA without much understanding of Exchange Server can free download expert Exchange backup and recovery software to backup Exchange Servers easily saving much trouble. The backup software: EaseUS Todo Backup provides wizard with strong guidance and extreme brief interface making your Exchange backup process effortlessly.

Supporting MS Exchange 2010 Server backup and recovery in clustered environment, Exchange recovery tasks proceed continuously though Public Store DB is deleted. Besides Exchange 2010, it also supports Exchange 2003 and 2007. This backup software has following abilities on Exchange backup and recovery.

Backup Types

Full Backup: a complete copy of the data being backed up. In the context of Exchange Server 2010, this also truncates the transaction logs for databases.
Incremental Backup: a partial copy of the data being backed up containing all of the changes to the data since the last Full or Incremental backup.
Differential Backup: a partial copy of the data being backed up, containing all of the changes to the data since the last Full or Incremental backup, however unlike the other backup types does not mark the data as having being backed up.

Backup Storage

Tape: magnetic tape backup storage comes in many different formats. It used to be the most cost effective and portable media for storing backups.
Disk: large capacity hard disk storage is more affordable and portable these days than in years past and has many advantages over traditional tape backups.
Network share folders : database is available only when you are connected to internet, offering great convenience that you don't bring an removable hard disk anywhere you are.
Others: external device, and copying to FTP Server for double protection. IDE, EIDE, SATA, ESATA, ATA, SCSI, iSCSI, USB disk, and Firewire disk are all supported.

Free download EaseUS Todo Backup for Exchange 2010 backup now.

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