Free Windows Server Backup Software to Protect Windows server & Disk away from Danger

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Backup data for your company's server data is extremely important. Most businesses store large amounts of data on their Windows servers. If this data is lost and there is not a way to recover deleted files, then the company may actually have to slow office production or in some cases even cease altogether until the files can be replicated.

The problem often happens, mostly because some small or medium-sized companies don't put backup on the agenda or they are afraid of the high cost and energy for data backup. The nightmare of data loss falls on them and only at that time they would regret for not taking measure to
backup their Servers.

Why it seems so hard to make decision of backing up Windows Server. Afraid of the money cost? Windows indeed develops a
built-in backup tool for simple backup jobs. Why to utilize this free tool in your backup job if only easy and simple backups are required? Even if it can't satisfy your need, there is affordable, effective and professional Server backup software with necessary backup functions - EaseUS Todo Backup Server. It can do Windows Server backup, disk/partition clone, differential/incremental/full backup, tape backup, network backup and etc. The cost of this backup software would just only be a small part of your budget.

And it also provides free version for home and business users with Windows 7/XP/Vista being supported. If you plan to choose free Windows backup software, one thing should be confirmed that this free Windows backup software is reliable and easy for the users.

Since we know that we should choose a reliable free Windows Server backup software, here we would like to introduce EaseUS Todo Backup which supports nearly all major Windows systems, like Windows 2000 Professional/XP/ vista and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008.

Free windows server backup software 

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