Free backup Exchange 2007 Windows Server 2003 with NTBackup

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Understanding Exchange Server 2007 backup tactics and protecting Exchange Server 2007 data is a critical task for administrators. They must keep in with the latest disaster recovery techniques so that to make the job easier. In this learning center, get an overview of doing Exchange Server backup and also third-party tools to securely backup and restore Exchange 2007 data.

Exchange Server can both be installed on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Good thing is that there is an available backup tool in Windows Server 2003 to backup Exchange 2007. That's NTBackup. Both EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server Edition and Server 2003 built-in backup tool can do the Exchange Server 2007 backup for you.

Steps to backup Exchange Server 2007 with NTBackup:

1. To start, log in to your Exchange Server, click on the start Menu, select Run and type in ntbackup.

2. Click Backup tab and choose Backup Wizard. Then all your hard drives will be listed in this window. Expand the MS Exchange Server all the way down until you can see your Storage Groups.

3. Check the boxes next to all of your Storage Groups.

4. Then find the location where your Exchange Server was installed and expand the program File folder:

5. Locate the Microsoft folder and expand it. Check "Exchange Server" folder but exclude the Storage Group folders from the directory under Mailbox.(for in step 3 you have already chosen Storage Group)

6. Alright, we're almost done here. The last thing we need to remember is to check the box next to our System State.

7. Now to choose backup destination: network drive, local disk or media tape. Then click Start Backup button.

Backup solution provided by EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server Edition can both backup Exchange Server 2007 under Windows Server 2003 and 2008. As a third-party backup toolkit, it utilizes the best backup technology and offers a complete and all-round backup solution for all server users. Except Exchange Server backup, it is also available for SQL Server backup, disk/partition backup, tape backup, network backup, file/file folders backup, system transfer and other more backup options. Equipped with this backup tool, there is no need to worry about the database in your Exchange Server. Compared with above-mentioned NTBackup, the solution provided by EaseUS are much more easy and easy-to-handle. Any tech problem or doubt can be quickly solved by EaseUS tech team.

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