Ghost Windows 7 to upgrade hard drive and backup your computer

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We are often told that we should ghost our Windows hard drive to ensure its security. Then many computer beginners may ask a question that how to ghost my Windows and which software to choose. The next paragraphs are meant to offer answers to the questions above, and let's take Windows 7 for example.

When you want to ghost Windows 7 hard drive, you get two choices. You can choose a disk clone software to clone your Windows 7 hard drive to another one, or, you can select a backup software to backup your disk, partition, single file or folder to image. Both of them can take good care of your Windows.

Here I will recommend you a freeware: EASEUS Todo Backup Home, you can do both clone and backup with it alone. It can clone your hard drive especially your system drive to another disk to offer comprehensive protect your computer. Besides protecting your data, you can also upgrade your hard disk in this way. The most obvious advantage of its clone function is that you can transfer your system drive to another new drive, set a new boot sequence, you can boot from that new drive normally. During the clone process, you can tick sector by sector option to clone every sector of your disk or partition if necessary.

As to backup function, that's easier and simpler. Clone may copy the whole partition or disk, but backup can allow you to choose. Of course you can backup whole disk or partition, we strongly suggest you to choose some rare important parts to backup, because the time it costs mostly depends on the amount of files you backup. Moreover, you can backup ONLY the new increasing part added to your computer since last image by incremental backup. Besides, you can set schedule to automatically backup your computer every day.

Actually, no matter your operating system is Windows 7, XP, Vista or 2000, EASEUS Todo Backup can successfully get you to your goal for it has great compatibility with them. If you are server users, refer to other commercial editions.

May some pc users have raised another question that Window 7 users don’t need to download a third party software to backup hard drive, because Windows 7 itself has functions to backup. more detailed comparison between them can refer to Free file backup program is essential for Windows 7 users.

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