Ghost Windows Server 2008 system drive with Server backup software

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Ghost imaging means to copy contents of a computer's hard disk into a single compressed file or set of files (referred to as an image) so that the contents of the hard disk, including configuration information and applications, can be copied to the hard disk of other computers or onto an optical disc for temporary storage.

When contents of the hard drive are needed again, ghosting software converts the image back to original form. Companies often use ghost imaging to create identical configurations and install the same software on numerous machines.

The most well-known ghost software is Norton Ghost of Symantec by enabling you to clone (copy) the entire contents of a hard disk to a portable medium or to a server, which can be used to set up each hard disk in other computers, automatically formatting and partitioning each target disk. Ghost imaging is useful where one system is to be replicated on a number of computers in a classroom or for a team of notebook computer users who all need the same system and applications. On personal computers, ghost imaging is used to back up everything on the hard disk, often while reinstalling an operating system.

There is another affordable ghost software - EaseUS Todo Backup Server with
backup and recovery solutions for Windows Server users. It provides companies and organizations with powerful data backup & recovery features:

Ghost your partitions or whole hard drive
Single or bunch of files backup and recovery
Hard disk upgrade to large disk

Recover to dissimilar hardware
Backup to tape, network backup, scheduled backup and so on.
Email notification, compression, offsite copy, etc.

Just as the definition of ghost imaging, EasUS Todo Backup can easily back up one or more volumes into image and you can put those image files where you wish: tape device, network place, NAS or elsewhere. This program will simplify both basic and advanced server backup & recovery management while minimizing server downtime as well as ensuring business continuity. And what's more, its
Advanced Server edition can do MS SQL/Exchange database backup.

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