How to backup your XP with free XP backup software?

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Backup is becoming more and more crucial to our daily life because it is one effective method to protect your data before it gets lost. For Windows XP operation system, it has the basic files and setting backup functions and can provide you some simple ways to backup your data.

However, the needs for backup are getting more diversified and complicated; Windows backup cannot satisfy the common demands. Want to backup your XP system state, partition or disk into a image? Or would like to clone the whole disk to another one? Transfer the data from one computer to another? Even save the backup files to CD/DVD? These demands are all out of reach with Windows XP built-in backup utility. Therefore, more and more people need to get help from third-party backup software for solutions. You may choose the most suitable one relying on your specific situation such as EASEUS Todo Backup, the free back software for XP, is extremely reliable backup software to backup your XP operating system, partition or disk and clone disk.

Free backup software for XP

You can backup XP system state, partition or disk into an image file which will not take up much space of the computer with EASEUS Todo Backup. You can set the attributes such as compression level and priority of the image file before the backup process conveniently. Please follow the concrete instructions of backup drive and partition.

When you have to clone your whole disk to another for data protection or transition, EASEUS Todo Backup can help you easily and safely. Just a few clicks of the mouse, you will manage to clone disk successfully. Learn more about the step-by-step instructions to clone the disk. Why not download it and try it now?

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