How to copy drive (partitions) from an old hard disk to a new one under Windows

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This article will show you how to copy drive (partitions) from an old hard disk to a new one under Windows.

You can reconnect the old hard disk as secondary hard disk or in an external hard disk case and use a
drive copy freeware  to transfer the personal data to the new hard disk.

Before you start trying to copy drive from one hard drive to another, you need a proper tool to protect your data. The minute you do not have a good backup something will go wrong and you will lose it. You must backup your data before doing anything major to a hard disk drive. The drive copy freeware
EASEUS Todo Backup is a good choice. It is a complete free solution providing backup to image and disk copy, regardless of your partition or even whole hard disk. This drive copy freeware is trustworthy and easy to use. You can also Mount the backup image file as a virtual physical partition to explore or copy files in it and check backup image file to make sure your system state/disk/partition can be restored successfully. See more features of this free backup software.

You may
download and install a full version of this drive copy freewareEASEUS Todo Backup and then start.

Launch the drive backup freeware and locate the "Clone Disk" in the main interface or toolbar.

drive backup freeware

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