How to ghost Windows Server 2003 to protect your Server system?

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Have you ever thought to ghost Server 2003 system drive in order to guarantee the continuity of Windows Server? If you haven't done this before, I hope you would know the importance of ghosting Server 2003 system drive after reading the following. A ghost of Server 2003 system is required so that you can quickly get the system up when disaster happens.

Without a ghost of Server 2003 system, you would suffer a lot when the Windows Server system is down. All work has to be stopped and data stored in the Server is also in danger. Reinstalling would be the least thing that Server administrators want to do. Reinstallation would be a tedious job by costing a very long time and all your personal settings will also lose. Any unexpected accidents or wrong doings might cause more serious problems, like data loss. Enterprises can't stand a long time of disoperation for Windows Server 2003. Administrators should take good measures to protect the data and quickly get their system up after disaster.

Therefore, making a ghost of Windows Server 2003
is very necessary for Windows Server 2003 users. With it, even when disaster happens, you can quickly perform system recovery and minimize the downtime of Server machine. With a ghost software, administrators can do regular backup in order to ensure the data security and quickly get failed Server system up.

Solution 1: Using Windows own backup software to ghost Server

Ghosting system HDD can be done with Windows Server built-in tool - Ntbackup.exe. By using this tool, you can ghost the Server system:

1. Click Start, and then click Server Management.
2. Click Backup in the console tree.
3. If you have already configured backup settings and want to ghost the computer running Windows Server 2003 immediately, click Backup Now.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the wizard.

Solution 2: Ghost Windows Server 2003 with professional ghost software

Another much better Server ghost software for Windows Server 2003 data security is EaseUS Todo Backup. This software offers more complete solution for Windows Server backup. It allows you to create a WinPE rescue bootable disk so that you can quickly restore Server 2003 system to the state when you ghost it. Except regular backup, it is useful when upgrade system disk with Clone function.

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