Incremental backup server 2003 software to optimize your time and storage space usage

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I hope every administrator have backed up all the data before get into the "oh no, the hard disk crashed, all data is gone, what do I do" circumstance.

Backup files take too much space? Yes, it may be this case when you're referring normal backup since it copies all the files and have them backed up. But with versatile server 2003 incremental backup software, you only need to do normal backup for the first time, then do incremental backup periodically so that both time and storage space are greatly saved.

The incremental backup backs up only those files that have been created or changed since last incremental or normal backup. A combination of normal backups and incremental backups is common, and also a very good combination. It also requires the least amount if storage space and is fast for backing up the data. With reliable server backup software like EASEUS Todo Backup, you can simply create a backup plan according to your specific environment, and count the rest routine on the incremental backup utility. It can also support full backup, schedule backup and differential backup.

Besides, you can also review and edition the backup plan when you need to modify it, and update the backup work so that it will proceed immediately no matter when the backup is scheduled. For more functions about this incremental backup server 2003 software, you may refer to EASEUS Todo Backup features.

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