New Release! Complete PC and server system deployment solution using EaseUS Deploy Manager

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EaseUS software is an innovative software developer that keeps providing cost effective solutions for storage management and data protection since its inception. Known internationally for its full featured solutions, EaseUS now introduces system deployment tool - EaseUS Deploy Manager, which can efficiently deploy system images to multiple computer machines simultaneously, providing maximum flexibility and driving down cost.

IT administrators in a school, private business or government agency might always been troubled by setting up systems to numbers of new machines, which could be tiring and complex. However, now you can deploy all your laptops, desktops and servers quickly and easily with EaseUS Deploy Manager, being a powerful solution for system deployment.

It is an ideal solution for setting up new PCs, workstations and servers or returning them to a desired state. Otherwise, EaseUS Deploy Manager also allows for hardware-independent system deployment to install drivers to fit the target hardware so that the newly deployed systems with different hardware are deployed properly.

Time and Cost Saving - IT administrators can easily and quickly deploy a master image to multiple PCs or Servers across network simultaneously, significantly cutting down costs.

Efficient Rescue Solution - It is regarded as an efficient recovery tool (especially for system recovery solution) to get your system back on track in most emergency cases like system crash or hardware failure.

Group Management - Deploys several groups of machines with different system images or settings simultaneously.

Pricing & Availability:

EaseUS Deploy Manager for Workstation designed for PCs and Workstations system deployment is $12.00

EaseUS Deploy Manager for Server specialized for server machines is $45.00

Both available at:

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