New Upgrade! EaseUS Todo Backup Supports USB3.0 in WinPE and Windows 8 Beta!

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EaseUS Software, a leading provider of data backup & disaster recovery and storage management solutions for Windows environment, today announces the general availability of EaseUS Todo Backup By solving compatibility problems, and with some new advanced functions like support USB3.0 and adding RAID controller driver in WinPE environment, EaseUS software aims to provide you a more comprehensive backup solution and bring you a friendly experience.

New features of EaseUS Todo Backup It supports Windows Server 8 Beta and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. You can create another partition for Windows 8 on the existing basis and run dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports USB3.0 in WinPE environment which can help you restore system when system gets crashed. And common RAID controller driver is added in WinPE environment. For many large enterprise users, NAS management is available when using the software to do backup. Other improvements like display backup types in Recovery process and improve the performance of network access.

Please learn more information at: http://www.todo-backup.com/

In the meantime, this new upgraded version fixes some compatibility problems. Our research staffs devote themselves to fix the incompatible with Powerdesk, FloatLED, Outlook 2003, and problem of failure to access network using IP address, which makes you back up systems and important data more quickly and smoothly.

Trough a year of improvement and refinement, EaseUS Todo Backup becomes more and more perfect. No matter of compatibility, functions, interaction, support, ect, EaseUS Todo Backup has served over 2 million customers and received consistent high praise.

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