New Upgrade! EaseUS Todo Backup 5.0 brings Outlook emails backup/restore

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EaseUS, the world leader in innovative data security and data management solutions, announced the release o  f EaseUS Todo Backup 5.0, being one of the fastest and most reliable backup&recovery solutions available on the market. This version introduces a series of modifications and enhancements that offer improved performance of protecting data.

New features in this version are:

Outlook Backup and Restore: Emails performs an important role in our life and  loss of emails might bring catastrophe to your business. This new version now can back up all your email messages in Outlook and save them in a safe way.
Mass storage devices supported: Support hard disk larger than 2 TB.

Libraries backup/restore: One click to backup all files including documents, music, pictures and videos under Libraries in Windows 7.

Backup certain file type in specified folder: It allows you to specify certain file types to backup in folders, avoiding monotonous and boring manual efforts.

Redesigned product’s UI: Make improvements for easier and simpler backup&recovery process.
For detailed information, please go to: http://www.todo-backup.com/

Continuous improvements show EaseUS’s ambition to make a better and more reliable backup solution for their customers. With millions of PCs, workstations and Servers being installed our backup software, EaseUS believes it would play a remarkable role in its field and bring a bright future.

Pricing & Availability

EaseUS Todo Backup Home with $29.00 special for home users is available at:


EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation for $39.00 is available at:


EaseUS Todo Backup Server for $199.00 is available at:


EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server for $299.00 is available at:


EaseUS Todo Backup Technician now discount for $999 is available at:


EaseUS Todo Backup Central Management Console is available at:


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