New update! EaseUS Todo Backup 5.3 brings a reliable, secure and comprehensive backup solution

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EaseUS software as an innovative software developer for providing cost effective solutions for storage management and data protection, today released version 5.3 of its family of EaseUS Todo Backup products. The latest version has been enhanced a lot to meet the growing needs of PCs, workstations and servers users.

EaseUS provides software for important data backup, restore and retention of business-critical data. Clients include home, SMB users, service providers as well as inter-national corporations. EaseUS’s cost-effective solutions ensure that optimal technological and economical use. Version 5.3 allows users to back up crucial information to Cloud Directory folder and then synchronously upload images to Cloud like, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox for double protection of data.

"With critical data growing exponentially, reliable and complete backup performance and efficiency have become a necessity to properly protect a business. That is the motive for EaseUS to incessantly challenge itself for introducing well-performed products,” says Liu Ji’en, CEO of EaseUS software.

EaseUS Todo Backup is regularly updated to support the latest technologies. It is certified for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to ensure full compatibility. Get the detailed here: http://www.todo-backup.com/
Pricing & Availability
EaseUS Todo Backup Home for home users is $29 available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation with $39 special for home office and small business users is available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Server for $199.00 is available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server for $299.00 is available at:


EaseUS Todo Backup Technician now discount for $999 is available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Central Management Console is available at:

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