New update! EaseUS Todo Backup 5.6 is now available for more reliable & effective backup solutions

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EaseUS software, as an innovative software developer for providing cost-effective solutions for storage management and data protection, today releases version 5.6 with a big enhancement on its software GUI and performance.

Hard drive and system failures often bring completely unexpected disasters. Therefore, selecting the correct backup software is the key for data security. Your valuable documents and client files on your PC or server are simply too important to lose. With EaseUS Todo Backup, your files are completely protected and you will be free of any troubles caused by data loss. Better yet, the newly updated version 5.6 brings a more intuitive backup wizard for easy to use backup practice and you can begin protecting your data within minutes.

As a cost-effective, yet complete backup solution, EaseUS Todo Backup also is the preferred choice of individuals, SMBS and enterprises. Nonstop improvements have made EaseUS Todo Backup become a more and more reliable solution. Now being a world-famous backup software with millions of users, EaseUS Todo Backup is extremely remarkable in its field and will embrace a bright future.

Get the detailed here: http://www.todo-backup.com/


Pricing & Availability

EaseUS Todo Backup Home for home users is $39 available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation with $49 special for home office and small business users is available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Server for $199.00 is available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server for $299.00 is available at:

EaseUS Todo Backup Technician for $999 is available at:


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