New Upgrade! EaseUS Todo Backup 4.6 is launched with PXE Server

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EaseUS Software, the technology leader in data security and backup, data recovery and storage management solutions for Windows environment, is addressing the need for a comprehensive tool to simplify IT administrators' work of system  deployment for multiple workstations or servers with EaseUS Todo Backup PXE Server in this newly update version 4.6.

Benefits at a glance

1. Reduce power and cooling requirements.
2. Reduce complexity and risk.
3. Improve critical system availability.
4. Significantly reduce initial capital and implementation costs.
5. Implement enhanced disaster recovery solutions.
6. Accelerate system deployments & upgrades and software installations

The Preboot Execution Environment (PXE, also known as Pre-Execution Environment; sometimes pronounced "pixie") allows computers to boot through network even without hard disk, especially there are no CD-Rom and removable devices for system recovery. You can create a Windows operating system image in order for PXE boot Windows. All computers in the network can boot up from only one image so that it's much more easily and efficiently for the daily maintaining.

EaseUS Todo Backup PXE Server is used for computers bootup with EaseUS Todo Backup Recovery Environment through the corporate network. So with this system  deployment tool you do not have to create bootable media. All you have to do is to install EaseUS Todo Backup PXE Server and boot target computer from PXE. This function is especially useful for bare metal recovery or system deployment. EaseUS Todo Backup PXE Server is available in Server Edition, Advanced Server Edition, Technician Edition.

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