Planning to Migrate the Disk to a Larger One?

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As New Year coming, what are you planning for in your new-year shopping list? A new laptop or just migrate the old disk to a new one? As all we know, hard disk today with better performance and larger capability is bargain priced, most people who stuffed their old hard disk with all kinds of things for work and pleasure prefer to migrate the crammed disk to a newer larger one, and the problem comes with how to migrate the disk to another in a simple way?

True, if you know little about computer, you may guess it is too hard to migrate disk from one PC to another, even you will take a risk in data loss. Actually, Google “migrate one disk to another”, it is never difficult to find several solutions will be available there, say, use disk cloning software, disk migration software or image backup software”, that is, to clone the whole disk and migrate it to the newer one completely, or to create image file of the old disk and restore it to the new one. No doubt, both of them will protect your data and migrate the disk to another in a simple way.

So the next question is which disk migration software is full-featured and easy-to-use. Is there any free disk migration software available? The answer is yes, EASEUS Todo Backup, free disk migration, clone and backup software, will easily migrate your old disk to the new one.

Disk migration freeware

There are two ways to migrate disk with free disk migration software.

1. Image backup, with which you can backup a single partition, multi partitions of the same hard disk, entire hard disk, or multi partitions of different hard disks to an image archive. This image is easy to be transferred and restored on different computer. You can also compress, split, password-protected the image archive.

2. Clone Disk, with which you can clone the whole hard disk to another one directly to migrate data. It supports all kinds of hard disk interface, for example, IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, USB1.0, USB2.0, fire wire. After cloning, you can replace the old hard disk with the new one to use immediately.

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