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Windows Server Backup has replaced the NTBackup in Windows Server 2008. Some people condemn the replacement and backing up individual file is not available anymore. If they want to back up a single file, they have to back up an entire volume. Some functions cannot be used under GUI and you must use command language - Wbadmin to perform those functions, such as schedule backup. Command language is some sort of complicated and very hard to learn. You might also have seen a lot of posts in IT forum complaining the buggy tool in Windows Server 2008.

Here I will talk about a much better alternative for Windows Server Backup -
EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition, which focuses on Windows Server backup and it would be your good assistant in guarding data security.

EaseUS Todo Backup is another successful product for data security developed by EaseUS, which has done a good job in
data recovery and disk management. The Server Edition provides the most complete functions for Windows Server users and won't let its users down:

No matter you want to backup or recover a single file, dozens of files, or even the whole volume, EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition would let you do as you wish.
System state backup can be easily done with it so that you can quickly get the crashed system up
Automatic backup to simplify your job and full/incremental/differential backup are all available in EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition.
Upgrade your system disk to larger one with disk clone function and avoid low disk space problem.
Recover your Windows Server system to dissimilar hardware or do bare metal restore.
Network backup and
tape backup is just a small cake.
Other settings like compression, encryption, splitting, email notification, FTP copy are all available.

What's more, it provides an image files cleanup function which will automatically remove the previous obsolete image files and meantime protect data in Server machine.

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