Remote Backup and Recovery with Backup Software: EaseUS Todo Backup 3.5

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EaseUS Todo Backup 3.5 comes out today with its brand new backup and recovery solutions for remote computers. It provides the most complete backup & recovery strategies to both enterprises and small business. EaseUS is excited to continuously bring new services to its customers.

With EaseUS Todo Backup Remote Console, you can backup files, disk and partitions, system on remote computers after you connect to it. All steps are the same as you perform backup task on local computer. You can control backups on remote computers to create full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, and you can also set backup schedule to continuously backup the remote computers it any changes occurred. Even Exchange Server backup is still available when EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server or EaseUS Todo Backup Technician installed on remote computers.

In general, EaseUS Todo Backup 3.5 enables you to manage remote backup within local area network. As long as you have installed EaseUS backup software on the machine, your system, applications, photos, video, music can be backed up remotely. It is an independent module that can run without EaseUS Todo Backup main program. Just input IP address of the remote computer, the username and password, you can manage your backup as easily as on local computer.

EaseUS Todo Backup also enables to backup network shared files with a backup schedule. It backs up shared files and folders stored on network or NAS, schedule a network backup task, backup data to network or NAS, restore backup from network or NAS, restore backup to network or NAS, backup network data via full backup, incremental backup or differential backup.

Free download right Edition to have a try!

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