Resize SBS 2008 system partition with Magic Partition Server

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Along with the adoption of Windows SBS 2008, users may meet these problems more and more often: the free space on system partition is not enough to install new software; the system is running slowly because the inefficient free space on the disk and it need more space from other partitions. Which utility can help to resize Windows SBS 2008 system partition

While you’ll find some utilities claim that they support Windows Server 2008 and believing that they support Windows SBS 2008 for sure, they actually do not. This is because Windows Small Business Server 2008 is an operating system based on Windows Server 2008 with some integrated Microsoft Services for small and medium businesses, basically it is only one of the editions of Windows Server 2008, but technically it is a customized SKU of server technologies targeted specifically at small businesses.

EASEUS Partition Master has been fully tested to support Windows SBS 2008. With this reliable disk management solution, you can resize Windows SBS 2008 system partition easily to get more free space for your server. For more detailed instruction, please see: How to resize SBS 2008 system partition with magic partition software? While to fulfill the needs of enterprise users, we offer another advanced edition - EASEUS Partition Master Unlimited Edition allows unlimited usage within one company.

For better data security, you may also use the free backup software - EASEUS Todo Backup, which will help you a lot. It provides easy-to-use interface to backup and restore your system, disk and partition within minutes.

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