Restore SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 to new Server

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As a DBA, I have been in many situations where I had to move databases to a new server due to old hardware, failed hardware, failed drives, etc. You usually have two options you could use to carry out this task: SQL Server Management Studio (GUI) or SQL backup and recovery software, here I prefer the latter which is much more convenient. It is simple and easy and avoids clicking the mouse all over the screen.

Moving a database with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:

We will begin by opening SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu by choosing Start and typing SQL Server in the Instant Search field. The SQL Server Management Studio appears and it will be the main area you use to restore your backups.

Now that you have the Management Studio opened, right-click on Databases and choose Restore Database. The Restore Database window appears and we will begin by typing the name of the Database we want to restore in the To Database field and choosing the From Device radio button to choose where your backup file is. Moreā€¦

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Moving a database with SQL backup and recovery software:

Let's move on to my preferred method which is easier. Let's begin by downloading this backup software and install it on your computer. EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server is backup and recovery software for SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008. Backup database with a backup schedule to create SQL Server disaster recovery plan to restore SQL when necessary.

Backup the database according to your specific situation. See Backup SQL Server. Or you can refer to the basic backup guide directly.

When you choose data storage device, you can choose to save the database backups to disk or tape. Refer to
Backup SQL to tape or Backup SQL Server to hard drive.
Install EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server on the new Server within minutes, and then restore the backup following the wizard.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server, protect your business by backing up SQL databases with EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server!

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server provides free technical support for users by e-mail. It comes with a 15-days trial period during which you can try all features of the program without limitations before you really decide to buy it. If you have any questions about the product, feel free to contact at support@todo-backup.com

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