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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is the new and improved version of SQL Server 2008, the changes are minor - more than a service pack, but not enough to justify an entirely new version, however, other exciting enhancements and new capabilities engineered into SQL Server 2008 R2 that will have a positive impact on your applications, ranging from improvements in operations to those in management. After you install SQL Server 2008 R2 on your computer, you absolutely need continuous backup schedule for database to protect data.

This document is about SQL Server 2008 R2 daily backup using SQL Server Management Studio and SQL backup and recovery software.

The SQL Server Installation Wizard provides a single feature tree for installation of all SQL Server components. Insert the SQL Server installation media. From the root folder, double-click Setup.exe. To install from a network share, locate the root folder on the share, and then double-click Setup.exe. If the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup dialog box appears, click OK to install the prerequisites, then click Cancel to exit SQL Server installation.
After the installation, you can backup SQL Server 2008 R2 with backup schedule using SQL Server Management Studio.
Detailed steps…

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server can backup SQL Server with different backup schedule. No matter daily backup,weekly backup or monthly backup, you can set certain intervals according to your own convenience (see Adjust SQL Backup Schedule).

You can backup SQL database with different SQL Server database backup types: full backup, differential backup, transaction log backup are all available using this backup software (See Advantages of differential backups in SQL Server).

SQL backups can be saved to tape or local hard drive. For the sake of a convenient 
SQL Server disaster recovery plan, we suggest you backup database to tape (See Tape backup vs disk backup).

Besides, it's also guardian for Windows systems and normal data. See 
detailed functions.

Free download SQL backup software to create backup copies for database and protect system and data now.

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