Schedule backup Windows Server 2008 for continuous data protection

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One necessity of Windows Server backup software is schedule backup function which makes backup job easy and facilitate your work. With the advent of schedule backup, it allows you to completely eliminate manual backups (with all filtering, compressing, transferring to the storage, and other processing of data) and impose all related processes on the program. Many people are reluctant to back up their data and information for it takes a lot of time and efforts. Want to run unattended backups and always be sure that you can perform hard disk recovery in case of a disaster? Then backup scheduling is for you!

Scheduling backups of Your Computer Data

EaseUS Todo Backup Server as
automatic backup software allows you to make schedule backup scheme, such as upon event, daily, weekly and monthly. The main features of backup scheduling with EaseUS Todo Backup are the following:

Automation of all tasks. By scheduling backup tasks you can automate all backups - file backup, partition/hard disk backup and system backup.
Schedule backup with EaseUS Todo Backup is easy and without any supervision.

Flexible schedule configuration. For each type of data you can specify their own backup schedules and perform them on any time frame, from minute to daily, weekly or even monthly intervals. For example, you may want to backup business databases two times a day, and backup photo archive each 30th day of the month.

Different combination. You can apply
incremental backup + full backup or differential backup + full backup to your schedule scheme. And of course, you can personalize the combination catering for your own.

E-mail notifications. Once you've established a backup schedule, you can forget about manual checking and control results of all backup procedures through e-mail notifications.

Other benefits of using EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition

Sometimes, when you suddenly realize you have forgotten to back up some important data, just run EaseUS Todo Backup Server as Windows service without loading the interface. Right-click the data you decide to back up and you will see an option allowing to do backup jobs. This is very convenient and easy -to-use. Most people know that Windows Server system is of great important, you can do
system state schedule backup and capture changes of a specific time so that you can restore the failed system to a normal state.

There are more other necessary functions in this tool:
network backup, tape backup, system migration, disk clone and MS Exchange/SQL backup in its advanced server edition.

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