The Free Backup Software You Want Today before Migrating to Windows 7

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Since the release of Windows 7 on Oct 22, 2009, it does set off a rush to try and use it, while problems are also coming up to with it more or less, and some people even lost their precious data accidently and want to back to their former Windows XP/Vista. No doubt, it is wise to make a backup for your existing operating system and files in the event of any accidents happen during installing Windows 7 and to do a fast recovery to the former state if needed. Besides, you will never suffer the time-consuming setting and application reinstallation after migrating to Windows 7.

It is true that you will take a risk to upgrade/migrate to Windows 7, say, the compatibility of the hardware. In order to maximally protect your data and avoid time consuming application reinstallation, the backup software is the right choice for you. It helps you backup important data or settings/applications for migration or protection in one way and save your time and money in other way.

Actually, that is what convenience backup software brings to you, have you had your backup software now? What is that? Free backup software like EASEUS Todo Backup or anything else?

free backup software

If I am you, I will never hesitate to choose free backup software for my backup before I upgrade to Windows 7, and EASEUS Todo Backup is the completely free one available in the market, it can backup your system partition for the original system state protection, clone the whole hard disk to upgrade to a new hard disk and backup your important data, setting and application without time consuming reinstallation. So why not download it and do it now?

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