The best tape backup software for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000

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Tape backup means to periodically copy the contents of all or a designated amount of data from its usual storage device to a tape cartridge device so that, in the event of a hard disk crash or comparable failure, the data will not be lost. Tape backup can be done manually or, with appropriate software, be programmed to happen automatically. It also includes the ability to restore data that has been backed up back to hard disk storage devices when needed.

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is this kind of
tape backup software that enables you to back up and restore important data. The key benefits offered by EaseUS are:

Extremely easy-to-use
It is very easy to install and configure
EaseUS Todo Backup Server. There is no need for any pre-requisite and it is compatible with most of the popular tape device. It is the fastest and easiest solution to make backup to tape.

Compatible with mostly tape devices and all Windows systems
EaseUS Todo Backup Server is compatible with DAT, SDLT, LTO, etc , and Windows Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7/Vista/xp.

Tape backup for Windows Server 2008
As a perfect alternative, EaseUS Todo Backup Server provides the right solution you need and also it is very easy to set it up and better manage your tape backup:
system state backup, Windows OS migration, full backup, automatic backup and so on

Flexible and easy restore
With a very flexible and intuitive interface, you can restore backed up data from tape device. You don't need any technical skill to recover your data with an easy and people-friendly wizard to guide you through the whole process. And there also has a tape management option to better organize tape backup files.

Compression and encryption
Among the tape backup features we have the possibility to set several compression options, in order to obtain the best result in space saving and backup speed. And also you can encrypt your backups to fully protect your backup from being stolen by others.

Flexible scheduler and e-mail notification system
EaseUS Todo Backup Server includes a
schedule backup that allows you to easy configure your backup for planned executions. If you like, it would send you an email notification of backup plans in order to know whether the backup has been successfully operated.

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