Things to do before plugging in your new PC

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Got a brand new PC that you’ve been coveting for so long a time for the New Year? Want to plug it in and install your favorite game or the most popular websites? BUT, before that there’re some things you should do to get the most from your PC.

Firstly, a backup utility and develop a backup strategy. Personally, I prefer external hard drive backup, which means you backup your data to a removable hard drive. Sure, it's a bit troublesome, but I believe eventually every computer user will be thankful for a backup. A step further, you may create a Bootable CD function for emergency occasions. There’re always freeware available and Easeus Todo Backup is a perfect choice.

Then, update your computer. There always seem to be new patches to no matter Windows or not. Since these often impact the security of the machine, downloading and installing these options is anyway a must.

Thirdly, set up your antivirus programs. You may either enable the trial one comes with Windows machine or install another yourself.

Lastly, Move and install your software: you may do this either by cloning disk or move and install manually. However please note that some programs have license limitations, you’d better be clear if you want to move it to a replacement or an additional PC.

These steps will help make sure that your computer and your data are safe and secure.

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