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In the 21st century, the era of information expansion, more and more information is saved into our windows 7 computers, resulting in our former hard disk is not enough for use. Under this situation, Many Windows 7 users are considering these questions: How to upgrade our windows 7 system drive to a larger one and keep all operating system and applications fully functional just as they have? How to clone hard disk or operating system successfully?

Well, here I just to say that a reliable backup software: EASEUS Todo Backup can help us to upgrade our windows 7 system drive, to avoid us using the method of copying file by file, step by step.

EASEUS Todo Backup can help you to upgrade your operating system of Windows 7, which contains boot information and other system information from the old hard drive, and makes your computer boot and work as the previous way but more quickly. You needn't reinstall operating system and application programs any more. In this way, you can save much precious time.

Cloning with EASEUS Todo Backup is not only the method to realize data transfer and hard drive upgrade, but also the best solution of backup and recovery of Windows 7. Cloning can back up whole system sector by sector to a new larger disk.

Here please pay a soft attention: because your new hard disk will be bigger and faster than the one your PC currently uses, don't forget to add new drive to replace your primary drive after the upgrade disk job is done. What’s more, if you want to know more functions about this wonderful software, you may refer to EASEUS Todo Backup website.

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