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Server administrators are required to pay special attention to data security in case of server crashes or any other data disasters caused by virus, malware, or any other unknown reasons. However, everything becomes so easy that having a backup utility:

Backup will help users protect your Windows Server system via creating a system backup image.

Backup data partition or important data in case of data loss
Store backup images of extremely important data to external hard drive, network place, tape device or other place.
Quickly get lost data back when something unpredictable happens.
Make your life and work free of trouble.

As a professional Server backup program, EaseUS Todo Backup Server provides the most complete backup solutions: system backup & restore, hard disk or partition backup & restore, disk clone, schedule backup, network backup, etc. to protect your Server system and disk. It can continuously backup Server system state and perform disaster recovery in due time.

One-click system backup: quickly backup Server 2003 system state
by clicking "System backup" for the sake of time and energy-saving.

Disk and partition backup: fully backup Server hard drives of important data in case of any data loss that results in profit loss or interruption of Server's regular work.

Disk clone: System hard drive is running out of disk space? Do you want to move existing OS to larger hard disk
? Disk clone is the right choice for you. You can use "Disk clone" feature to clone Server hard disk and transfer it to a larger and brand-new hard disk. This way make a twin of the old disk and everything in it will also be moved to another hard disk.

Recover to dissimilar hardware: Have you ever wanted to deploy the OS to a totally different hardware
? Right now when there is a need to move your current Server system to another different hardware, Server users can use this function to transfer Server system to a new Server with completely different configuration.

Automatic backup: Make use of "set it and forget it" to facilitate backup procedure and save time and energy for other matters.

Different backup types: Full backup, incremental backup
and differential backup to make diverse backup plans to satisfy all kinds of needs.

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