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Incremental backup is really a good thing for it can safely protect the data and meantime, save the disk space for Server 2008. As we all know, crucial information is generated at any time; this requires Server administrators to make backups in time for data continuous backup. However, frequently backing up data might need a lot of space to hold backup files. If every day you are doing full backup, really large and especially huge disk space is needed. So we need to find a better backup strategy for Windows Server users so that they can fully guard data security and optimize the use of disk space.

Incremental backup means the program will only back up changes since last backup and therefore, it takes up the least space compared with other two backup types: full backup and
differential backup. I guess a lot of Server administrators are applying schedule backup for data protection, which can save them a lot of time and energy and meanwhile avoid the tedious work. It is the truth that schedule backup will generate a lot of backup files and sooner or later it would become a heavy burden for you to find a place large enough to hold them. But if you combine schedule backup and incremental backup, a certain space can be save. Meanwhile, EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition also provides a function that the program will automatically delete the obsolete and useless image files.

EaseUS Todo Backup Server, as reliable and professional incremental backup software, is your best choice for Server 2008 data security purpose. Besides backing up Server 2008 with incremental backup, it also can backup server system, disk, partitions, files or file folders with differential backup. Therefore, no matter you want to apply incremental backup or differential backup to your backup job, EaseUS Todo Backup Server can satisfy your need.

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