Windows Server 2008 network data backup and restore with network backup software

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Network backup solutions with EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

- Through its technology, EaseUS Todo Backup Server can speed up the network backup process, giving you the benefit of having a reliable backup performed in a reduced amount of time. You are allowed to make schedule backup, incremental backup and differential backup, and most importantly you can choose the network place as your backup destination and then restore from network place.

Trustworthy - EaseUS, as a reliable data security and storage management software development company, its backup software provides 100% guarantee to data security no matter data is stored on the computer where it is installed or on the destination too. It offers logs to clearly record what you have done with this program and there has a disk management mechanism which makes the hard disk holding the image files free of hard disk running out of space.

People-friendly - The interface of EaseUS Todo Backup is very clear and straight-forward. Open it and you will be clear about what you can do with this program and how to operate through this program

Easy installation and handling – Installing EaseUS Todo Backup Server is very easy: just get the download link and then install it on your Server. If you want to do network backup
, choose the network data to be backed up. The scheduling feature also helps users secure their data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and spares time by automating this task.

An impressive upgrade of EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

That is remote control. When you try to install EaseUS Todo Bakcup Server, you will see a window that asking you to choose to install the main program of EaseUS Todo Backup, or EaseUS Todo Backup Remote Console, or we can say both of them. The installation of EaseUS Todo Backup Remote Console enables Server administrators to back data up on remote computers. It would become a history before those administrators had to go to stuff's computer and do the backup job. Now they just sit in front of their own computers and finish backup jobs of others' computers. Time and energy are greatly been solved by EaseUS Todo Backup Server.

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