Windows Server 2008 system state backup to fully protect Server system

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Windows Server 2008 system state data should be backed up frequently so that in the event of some type of system failure (i.e. failed RAID array, fried hard drive, etc.), the most recently backed up System State data can then be restored onto a new healthy drive.

Since the purpose of a System State backup is to recover in the event of hardware failure, the backup file should be stored on another drive. You'd better place this on another system entirely or better yet a tape backup system if this is a business or other large organization.

Windows System State in Windows Server 2008 has grown dramatically in size. Depending on installed server roles and features, this figure can easily exceed 50′000 files! A full Windows System State backup can take up to one hour or more hours. Subsequent backup time should reduce if incremental or differential backup type is taken.

You might know there is a built-in toolkit - Windows Server Backup
which can do Windows Server 2008 system backup. It has replaced the long-stood NTBackup in Windows Server 2008. Server system state backup can only be available with the command language - Wbadmin for this function is not available under GUI. Run system state backup, you may have to write the command like this:

wbadmin enable backup -addtarget:F: -schedule:09:00 -systemState -quiet

This command means to back up system state at 9 o'clock every day and put the image files at F: drive.

To write a command like this seems easy, however, the fact is so simple. Since this built-in tool is buggy as most people complain in Microsoft tech forum, sometimes even you have the right command, but the system state backup still can't run correctly. It often runs into troubles with implicit reasons. No one can explain this and no one can figure out what's going on. What's more, if you want to schedule backup system state, you have to make a batch file and run it manually: time and energy consuming.

Another much easier and more professional
Server backup solution is to back up system state with EaseUS Todo Backup. It has a very clear and simple GUI that guides you to do system state backup. You can use this backup program to do automatic backup in order to continuously back up the changes of system state and restores it when disaster happens.

It also supports a wide range of backup devices: local, network shared place or external hard drive and so on. It easily protects more data while reducing storage and management costs. With this
Windows Server backup software, you can reduce business downtime, and ensure that critical information is always protected and restored.

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