An easier way to upgrade system disk and extend dynamic system volume by Partition Master 9.1

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EaseUS Software, a leading provider of easy-to-use storage management, data recovery, data backup and disaster recovery solutions, today announces the new update of EaseUS Partition Master, a comprehensive partition management solution with non-destructive and advanced partition manager features. 

In the new version, EaseUS focuses on disk upgrade and dynamic disk management: 
Upgrade system disk directly - this is developed for those who want get rid of their old hard disk and transfer the Windows system and data to another brand new disk. In order to make PC users free of this trouble and facilitate their life, EaseUS improve its ability of data transfer and make out a complete and 100% safe solution for upgrading system disk.
Resize system volumes - extend system volume by spanning if there is no available unallocated space behind it.

Dynamic volumes are widely used for providing more superiorities than basic disks. However, under the Widows disk management, you are limited to extend dynamic volumes. The bottleneck is that extending the system volume is not applicable with disk management when it runs out of disk space. Providing multi-functional hard disk partition management solutions, EaseUS Partition Master has enhanced its ability to extend the system volume by spanning without data loss as well as other dynamic volumes, even if there is no unallocated space behind it. It also offers an easy and direct way to reorganize partitions to optimize your disk space.

New EaseUS Partition Master keeps all the features of the previous version as well, such as resize/move, merge partitions, clone disk and partition, convert dynamic disk to basic disk, create bootable disk, repair raid 5 volume, etc.

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