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There are two basic hard disk configuration types in Windows System: basic disk and dynamic disk. Basic disk uses primary partition, extended partition and logical partition to manage the data on the disk, and dynamic disk can contain nearly 2000 volumes with the functions like that of primary partitions on basic disk. While dynamic disk can improve the performance of computers with several hard disks, it is not so easy to manage as basic disks. 

And it is especially the case if you want to enlarge the system volume or just look at the scenario:” I needed to split my hard disk into 4 partitions. After doing so, all partitions got simple volume and not primary partition, even where my operating system is. The system is booting correctly and working correctly but it is kind of weird, is there any way to change it to primary partition?”

How can you do this? Of course you may convert dynamic volume to primary partition using disk management if you do not mind delete all the data. While there is another choice, you may use EASEUS Partition Master, with its function of converting simple volume to primary partition directly, you may realize this without data loss. You may check out here for more detailed instruction: How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Data Loss?

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