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It is generally known that most PCs have been supplied with only one large hard drive and pre-configured as one large partition. How to divide and create partitions to make best use of your computer can really be a question for most of us.

Do you think these situations familiar: “I have a 120GB HDD on my PC and it’s all at C drive, the thing is that can I split it into two partitions without reformatting the whole system? I don’t want to reformat because it takes a lot of time to install everything... Just want to divide the partition and create another 40GB partition from the current C drive.” “I’d like to divide one of my partitions; can I just get a quick step by step guide on how to do this?” What is answer for dividing and creating partition?

Reliable magic partition software like EASEUS Partition Master will definitely be a perfect choice to divide partition for you. You may just download and try our EASEUS Partition Master: 1). Close other applications and launch EASEUS Partition Master; 2). Shrink existing partition to free disk space; 3). Create new partition(s) on freed space according your plan; 4). Apply the operations.

Dividing partition can thus be completed by simply clicking your mouse. Above all, backup your computer or important data before going into any operations will always make the process much safer.

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